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Frequently Asked Questions

The rental price depends on the season. There are three seasons:

1. Low season is divided into two periods: February 18th – March 17th and October 16th – December 20th.

2. Mid-season is divided into four periods: January 1st – February 17th, March 18th – June 14th, September 16th – October 15th, and December 21st – December 31st.

3. High season from June 15th to September 15th.

The rental price is calculated per day and varies depending on the season.

– The daily rate in the low season is 11,280.00 RSD.

– In the mid-season, it is 13,680.00 RSD.

– In the high season, it is 16,200.00 RSD.

The mentioned prices include VAT. Additionally, a fixed fee of 12,480.00 RSD is added to the total cost for the entire rental period. This fee covers cleaning the camper, equipment, provided gas bottles, and preparation of the camper for rental.

Basic Terms: The driver must have at least five years of driving experience and be at least 30 years old. Smoking and transporting pets are not allowed in the camper vehicle.

The vehicle must not be used for illegal activities, criminal acts, customs violations, or other offenses. It should not be used for driver training, paid transportation of goods and services, passenger transportation, towing other vehicles, sports competitions, transporting flammable or explosive materials, or materials with strong and unpleasant odors.

Additionally, the handover of the camper vehicle is scheduled on working days, the first and last day at 10:00 AM.

The daily rental price limits mileage to 400 km per day. Any additional kilometers beyond the standard 400 km per day are charged at 25 RSD per kilometer.

Upon vehicle pickup at the beginning of the rental, a deposit of €1,000.00 is required to ensure that the client will return the vehicle in good condition, as it was received. The guarantee may also cover the costs of insurance loss in case of accidents, damage, or deficiencies in the vehicle caused by the client.

Every camper is fully insured with comprehensive coverage (KASKO insurance).

In accordance with the insurance company’s policy, the KASKO policy includes a deductible for the camper user, i.e., the client, in case of damage. If the client wishes to have a KASKO policy for the camper without a deductible, an additional fee will be determined.

For the client, the camper is prepared, which means that the camper includes all the camping equipment necessary for living in it:

Folding camping table and four chairs, parking levelers, water hose, power cable with adapter, bedding, and dishes for four to five people. Besides the camping equipment, the camper is also cleaned and filled with technical water. Complete travel documentation is prepared with the camper, and at the handover location, in front of the Etno Camp showroom, a practical camper usage training is conducted at the time of handover.

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