Industrijska bb, Ruma, Serbia.
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About Us

Our Vision

Etno Camp offers the opportunity to craft a unique adventure and breathe life to the fullest, along with a distinct sense of travel, under a secure and safe roof over your head. Through this, we aim to create a higher quality of life and restore inner balance.

Allow yourself and your loved ones to experience the feeling of doing the right and best thing, what you truly need.

We encourage you to embark on a journey in this manner. We are confident in your choice.

Our Mission

If the idea is to travel, Etno Camp provides the way.

By traveling in campers, we connect with nature. Those you love, the family, are together, united, yet surrounded by the vastness of nature.

Houses on wheels – campers allow the use of all modern and technological advancements, but in a different way than usual. Traveling with campers establishes or restores balance and harmony in life while providing a unique sense of satisfaction in being who we are.

Rent a camper and travel anytime, anywhere
We are here to answer all your questions and assist you in making a decision