“ Everywhere come along with a house home „

Etno Camp is company founded in April 2015. Etno Camp from 2018 is a brand of Andrić Company. There has been a change in the company’s headquarters as well as the name of the company, but the brand Etno Camp, although under the new name of the company and the new headquarters, continues to exist in its full glow!

Idea that we live and drive at is back to nature, active life and harmonization with what we belong to. Best way to enjoy the nature is to be part of it, feel everything that nature gives and share and experience something that we are ready for. Be your own angel guide with well organized active break, holiday or life in nature. Allow yourself the comfort, safety and luxury in an environment of beautiful expanses and natural beauty.

Etno Camp gives you the opportunity of providing uniqe, comfortable and luxury motorhomes and vechile, populary caled campers. We are founded for providing uniqe moments of nature pleasure, harmony and relaxion to you, your family and those who you love with active nature friendship. Also, hich tech performance is go along. Comfotable, safety and luxury are the postulats that we respect and along which we based and build our company busines.

Let us bring you to the world of comfor and nature pleasure. Uniqe and unrepeatable.



Etno Camp provide you to create and design unique adventure and to inhale full volume of life with safety and comfortable motorhome. This is how you can bring quality of life.

Let yourself and those who you love feeling that you do real and best thing for what you need. We encourage you to get into world of travelling at this way. We belive at your choice.


If journey is the idea, Etno Camp provide the way.

Drivig a camper gives you conection with nature. Those who you love, family are together sourrounded with expanses of nature. Motorhomes – campers provide useg all the modern and new age technical achivment, but in diferent way that usual. Driving a camper bring you back to balans providing a unique sence of pleasure with what we are.

„Nature on Wheels“

Etno Camp offers the opportunity to purchase quality camper – motorhomes and vans well-known and recognized manufacturers, including Adria, Sun Living and Carthago. Etno Camp will perform all the necessary administrative tasks for you, during your purchase. You just need to enjoy!
Buying a campers is a moment’s satisfaction with a decision, whose results last for years, and enjoyment for generations.