We are extremely pleased with the Andrić company – Etno Camp Team, regarding the rental of campers for 10 days. The staff is very courteous, friendly and above all professional. The vehicle was very reliable so we never thought of our family’s safety on the road or in the camp. They all admired the look on the outside and we enjoyed the logical layout of the rooms inside, the air-conditioning, the comfortable beds and the well-organized sockets when we arrived at the campsite.

From Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Albania and Montenegro, everyone paused and asked about the conditions and concluded that it was an extremely attractive way to travel, fly and get to know new places, cultures and countries.

Friends we regularly camp with in Canada have asked us if the camper mechanism is heard while driving. Our answer was that we didn’t even notice that it was different to drive than a slightly larger vehicle.

We would strongly recommend everyone to contact this unique organization in Serbia as the surrounding countries have significantly worse deals in terms of price, quality and flexibility.

Many thanks to Andrić Company – Etno Camp Team!