For all these who planned to spend this summer in mountain areas, far away from heat and Mediterranean crowds, one of the recommendation of Etno Camp is route from Belgrade till Bern, capital of Switzerland, via Slovenia and over Italian Alps.

This route is imagining being optimal for 10 days’ vacation.

Overall distance of this route, one way, recommended by Michelin via camper vehicle is 1.328 km, while the longest way is by high way (1.230 km). Road map looks like this:



First stop that Etno Camp recommends for this route is Bled, Slovenia. Bled lake with all its contents, gives a whole package of enjoyment: lake within mountain, which in summer, can offer very pleasant temperature. Campsite that is very to recommend is just opened campsite Perun Lince , located in Blejska Dobrava area. At this link (above) at disposal is needed information about this campsite. Within this route, enjoy at this campsite for example 2 days.


Just for the information, campsites in Slovenia are mostly smaller capacity and very solid furnished and arranged. Dozen bigger campsites are located near thermal springs, where winter camping is very popular. Rest and parking the camper vehicle are allowed at every parking ground except where that is strictly forbidden. Within smaller campsites at disposal are and private tourist caterers with its own offer of local vines and local food specialties, that will make your Slovenian vacation just adorable.

From Bled, route is continuing via Italy, crossing Dolomites and Milano.



Italian campsites are very well equipped and furnished and offer a lot of additional contents. Before your decision to come to campsites, we strongly recommend to check availability of free spaces and for sure to make the reservation. Staying for the night out of campsites is not forbidden, but for safety reason, it is recommended that, if you are not staying within campsites, to stay at park places marked as “area di sosta camper”, which can be found in every town or city.

At this route, Etno Camp recommends to spend 3 days at camp resort Caravan Park Sexten resort gives a complete content that at this way of summer vacation need. There you can let go yourself to nature and every of it charms. In this campsites, reservation is must.


Trento area

Campsites at South Tirol gives great furnished and equipment for good comfor during the summer and also for winter season vacation. Campsites that we recommend at this part of the Italy, are:

– campsite Sass Dlacia


– Campsite Seiser ALM

– Lern campsite Moosbauer

For Italy enyojment, please take 4 – 5 days


Switzerland is country that according to camperisam theme is very developed and very well arranged. Campsites are located near lakes, ski centers and almost every larger town. Something that is important to mentioned it that in Switzerland, within campsites, are not separated toilets for men and women, there are unisex integrated. Rest and supplement of campers vehicle is chargeble almost in every campsites. Detailed list of campsites in this country are available at link Švajcarska kampovi. Just to remind, staying over night outside of the campsites is strictly formibed, just somewhere is alowed at gas station, what is visibly marked. Campsites organizations define Switzerland as very safe country for camperizam. This route we will finished at Bern, capital of Switzerland. All needed information about campsites around Bern are at disposal at link Kampovi u okolini Berna. So please feel free to chose the one you like it the most.

You and your family are left to enjoy and mirror your vacation or research so that you get the maximum. Of course, impressions and photographs are inviting you to share with us!

Have a nice trip wish you Etno kamp!