For all these who planned to spend this summer in mountain areas, far away from heat and Mediterranean crowds,one of the recommendation of Etno Camp is route from Belgrade till Milano Italy, fashion European capital, via Slovenia and over Italian Alps.

This route is imaginingbeing optimal for 10 days’ vacation.

Overall distance of this route, one way, recommended by Michelin via camper vehicle is 1.680 km, while the longest way is by high way (1.415 km). Road map looks like this (with all recommended stops):


Michelin link from picture above Bg – Milano – Portoroz via Michelin


First stop that Etno Camp recommends for this route is Bled, Slovenia. Bled lake with all its contents, gives a whole package of enjoyment: lake within mountain, which in summer, can offer very pleasant temperature. Campsite that is very to recommend is just opened campsite Perun Lince , located in BlejskaDobrava area. At this link (above) at disposal is needed information about this campsite. Within this route, enjoy at this campsite for example 2 days

Just for the information, campsites in Slovenia are mostly smaller capacity and very solid furnished and arranged. Dozen bigger campsites are located near thermal springs, where winter camping is very popular. Rest and parking the camper vehicle are allowed at every parking ground except where that is strictly forbidden. Within smaller campsites at disposal are and private tourist caterers with its own offer of local vines and local food specialties, that will make your Slovenian vacation just adorable.

From Bled, route is continuing via Italy, crossing Dolomites and Milano.



Italian campsites are very well equipped and furnished and offer a lot of additional contents. Before your decision to come to campsites, we strongly recommend to checkavailability of free spaces and for sure to make the reservation. Staying for the night out of campsites is not forbidden, but for safety reason, it is recommended that, if you are not staying within campsites, to stay at park places marked as “area di sosta camper”, which can be found in every town or city.

At this route, Etno Camp recommends to spend 3 days at camp resort Caravan Park Sexten This resort gives a complete content that at this way of summer vacation need. There you can let go yourself to nature and every of it charms. In this campsite, reservation is must.


Trento Area – Lake di Garda

One of the most beautiful Alps lake is lake Di Garda, which is, at the same time, the biggest lake in Italy. This lake spreads at 370 m2 area and has its own 5 islands. Island Garda is the biggest, then the island SanBiago, while third is island Trimelone. Also, there are and twice smaller islands, Dream Island and Olive tree island. Lake Di Garda is located at North of the Italy, between Lombardy – Veneto – Trentino areal = South Tirol.


At its North cost, lake is surrounded with steep mountain massif, while at South side; plain prevail, where lake is getting bigger. Longitude of the Lake Di Garda, as natural lake is 52km, biggest width is 16km while biggest measured depth is 346m. Lake is at 65m evaluation Lake Di Garda all year round visited by tourists from all over the world, and its owes to its natural beauty, mild climateconditiones and a typical vegetation, because there’s able chestnuts, walnuts, olives, grapes, oleanders, mimosas, cypresses; sometimes it’s lemon growing was an important branch of the economy, while today only grown as a natural attraction.

Detailed information about this region are available at link

Campsites that Etno Camp recommend at this lake are:
– Camping Garda Guilia link
– Camping Arco Lido link
– Camping Toscolano link

Campsites at area South Tirol gives great furnished and equipment for good comfort during the summer and also for winter season vacation. Campsites that we recommend at this part of the Italy are:

– camp Sass Dlacia


– Camp Seiser ALM

– Lern camp Moosbauer

For Italy enyojment, please take 4 – 5 days.


After a rest body and soul in the beautiful Italian Alps, we refer to the urban part of Italy, the center of fashion, Milano. For the recommendation is to visit the outlet mall and see what’s on the current sales. In the Milano or the surrounding area, there are several fine campsites. Recommendation is Campsite Milano, which offers an unforgettable moment of sleep between trees

From Milano, just a little more of hedonism, at this route are towns Vicenca and Padova, so if your time allowed, visit it and enjoy

Back route is across Slovenia, over Portoroz.


Campsite that Etno Camp recommends is Campsite Lucija

Of course, feel free to look and all other campsites at this area, which are available with detailed information at link