During the upcoming winter and snowy days, Etno Camp company recommends a camper ski weekend or few days ski vacation at Grubhof camp – Salzburg area, Austria. Austria is country of very developed camper-ism, while ski camping is one of the European most beautiful.Etno Camp recommends that you experience ski adventure and relax at luxury wellness and spa center that is available at this camp.

Our journey starting from Belgrade, route via Croatia and Slovenia till Austria, Salzburg area. Having in mind that is autumn / winter time and not so long distance (via Michelin route planner, distance till Grubhof camp is 850 km), we recommends a straight direction.

At the way till Grubhof camp, we are passing throughout beautiful landscape of Austria and this Salzburg region. In winter time, roads are snowy clean, direction of ways are clearly signed and very noticeable.

Grubhof camp is one of the most beautiful and most furnished in Austria, when ski camper tourism is at daily offer.

All needed details of this camp site are available at this link Grubhof camping

It is very interesting to mentioned that every parking place within campsite for camper vehicle is snowy clear, very accessible from each side, while teams for snow clearing during the day or night are available at the request if needed

Ski runs are very closed to the camp, almost near the campsite. That is why this camp is ideal place to stay for everyone that like being at the foot of mountain peaks and be at the ski run at the minute that step out of the camper vehicle.


Additional facilities in this camp, as already mentioned, provide a complete delight after the ski day. At the link are available all information about the types of sauna that will make you stay in the center of winter camping truly memorable.


Just a reminder, with camper vehicle you can stay right here and enjoy a few days while you can certainly visit the Salzburg area and experience the beautiful experience of this area. More about it in the following routes.

Enjoy, Etno Camp doo Ruma