ROUTE BELGRADE – RUST / Europa park, Germany

For all these who will go on a Europe trip with their children and for final destination want to see Europa Park, near Rust city in Germany ( ), as supreme atraction of amusment park, Etno Camp has create this route, with help of site Via Michelin.

According to Michelin recommended route, till Europa Park, from Belgrade, Serbia, can go at two ways: via Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Germani (Route 1 at below picture) and via Hungary, Austria and Germany (route 2 at below picture).


As come back route, we surely recommend to go via route 3 at below picture, namely from Germany go to Switzerland with round tour of capital Bernand Italy, where Milano and city of romantic love, Venezia, should not be missed.

At this route, way is passing throughout countries that camperizam (camper tourism) is very developted. Also, very high invested in. So, Etno Camp recommend that camp at this route should not be go around. In one way, till Europa park, there is about 1400 km, so time that you and your family need for is not lower than 7 days, till 10 days are optimal.


Route starts from Belgrade (route 1) and way is via Zagreb, capital of Croatia and Ljubaljna, capital of Slovenia. Please note that with capmer vehicle daily limit of km is 350 km, after which you need to take a break. Camperism in Slovenia are very develop. All needed information about camp in Slovenia, you can find at link as a reminder, in Slovenia, camps are small and solid and fully equpped. There it can be find around 10 bigger camps, that are at termal base, so if you decide to go with this tour at winter or autumn time, termal camps are as must ! Relax and sleeping in Slovenia at roads and roads parking places are alowed except where it is stricly prohibited. Always take care that camper vehicle is at prescribed volume and heavines because local Slovenia institutions if vehicle step out of prescribe volume is treated as wild camping, that is forbiden.


After beautifull Slovenia, here we are at Austria, via Wien. Austria camperism is very develop, esspecialy in Coruska area. It is good to know that because of the busy camp period till whole year, it is recommended to reserve your own place in camp that you want to stay for day of few. Link for detailed information about every camp in Austira, depends of area


After few days of hedonism in Austria, we continue to Germany.


Germany as country promise for many, but for camperism for sure is. Germany is country with most of the equipped and furnished camps. Most of camps are open and in function throughout whole year, but during the so call season from medium April till October, all camps give greate additional programs and content for very optimal price. At every tourist destination in Germany you can find a camp or camp park to stay in, relax your family and your camper vehicle. One night sleep at roads are alowed, but you realy do not need to take it, because near you, where ever you are, camps is nearby to stay in. What does matter for Germany is that you can not stay at road where it is strictly forbiden. At entries at every city center, camper vehicle should have an ecological stemp. Link where you can find all needed information about Germany camp placesčka

Like we write abowe, for comeback route Etno Camp recommend to go via Switzerland and Italy.


Switzerland is country that is camper oriented, so camps can be found near lakes, sky centers and bigger cities. What is very important to mentioned for Switzerland camps is that you can not find separate female and male toalets, facilities are unisex integrated. Recarge of the camper vehicle is payable. Detailed data and information about Switzerland camps you can find at link Just for the information, night stay at roads – ouside the camps are strictly forbiden, just somewhere, gas station for example, it is possible, but it has to be writen at signs. For your comforty, Etno camp recommend to go throughout the capital Bern, so here are the camps at this way


Finally Italy. Milano and Venicie, cities of loves, for go to for sure. Detailed camps information at link

Due comforty those who travel, we are free to calculate some cost, that are strictly aproximate if you decide to ralise this trip with camper vehicle. This trip give nonnumber possibilities, so preferences those who traveles are very diferent, so please, this listed calculation take only as aproximate. For 7 or 10 days, possibilities are countless, so we do not want to make limits… so please, take this list only indicative:

Num Name EUR amount Remark
1. fuel Cca 500 EUR Camper vehiclesspendan average of12l diesel fuel per100km. This amountcovers the costof fuel for thereturn journey(thereversedirection). If you step from route, costs are increased
2. Tools Cca 200 EUR Tools amount are presented in amounts for Serbia and vinnete for Austria and Hungary. Etno Camp recommend to inform yourself about roads throughout Europe at official AMSS site
3. Food Cca 300 EUR Amount is presented quite informative, depends of the travellers preferences
4. Camps tax Cca 400 EUR  

Taxes depend of the quality of the camp, this amount is quite indicative

5. other Cca 300 EUR Amount is presented quite informative, depends of the travellers preferences
6. Cost for camper rent via Etno Camp for 10 days medium season 1000 EUR Etno Kamp pricelist
6. Sum 2700 EUR

Here are some more links that covers camperism via Europe
Hope you will enjoy and spread your imressions with Etno Camp