Route from Belgrade till Paris, that we are recommend for trip that last for a 10 days is something that should be lived through. Etno Camp recmmend route via Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and France finaly at go to, but for comeback route, we recommend route via Switzerland and Italy. One step at the time.

Etno Camp at our official site, route part, in few times, writes about camping places and camping parks in Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Italy, so this time, we will get closer to some German and France camps.

Route to Paris, via Michelin, looks like this:


When we are in Austria, we surely recommend one camping park in Austira – camping Pub Gestain


Then, after Austria, we step into Germany. Germany is country with lot of possibilities for camperism. Link with listed camps in Germanyčkabut at this route Etno Camp recommends Camp Au der Vossmecke

Here we are in France. Most French towns have camper stops, they are free of charge in smaller towns whereas in popular towns they are payable. The tidiness of campsites is on high level, restrooms are mostly clean and have warm water. Reservations are recommended in High season. Stay out at night outside the campsites are stricly forbiden. Link with detailed information about campsites in France

Camp place that is at this route and the one that is for every recommendation is camp site Les Ilots de Saint Val

or camp La forge Sainte Marie is at Champagne area. Here are some pictures, just as motivation…


At the return, for which you’ve left some few days for enyojment via Switzerland, we recommend capital Bern and camping area around it. Camp Grassi is something that need to be seen and feel

Finally, Italy. Milan and Venice, on this route abound with the beautiful sights to visit, and the support of camperism through this fantastic region is on the links Kampovi u Italiji