Route to Norway, capital Oslo, is one of the most challenging route to go by camper vehicle and also one of the most beautifull. Norway, country with camperism as most developed segment of tourism, is very atractive destination, where oposit of very expencive hotel tourism, camperism is style of vacation not only for Norway people, but for European people as well. Challenging of this route, when it starts from Belgrade, Serbia is, inter alia, in fact that by this route way is passing throughout 7 countries, which one to another is destination for go around for itself and hedonism.

Route that Michelin recommends at link total distance Belgrade – Oslo is 2287 km, of what about 2000 km is at highway, while rest of the route it can be taken by feribot. But be aware, this distance is just strictly to Oslo, while camperism and way with camper vehicle simply is not supported. So, for your safety and comfort, Etno Camp is free to guide you at camps at this route, recommend directions and destinations.


Starting from Serbia, direction is via Hungary. In Hungary, it can be seen beatifull landscapes, esspecialy around Balaton lake.


All Hungarian attraction and full information about campsites for your relaxion are available at

From Hungary, way is crossing via Slovakia. Slovakia is extraordinary country with non promotional marketing overwiev. So, one of the campsites that Etno Kamp recommend at this route is Campsite Zlate Piesky, near Bratislava, capital of the Slovakia This is great destination for a few days to spend in. You can go around to see beautifull mountain and lake area with very well equipped campsites. Link with all needed details about campsites inSlovakia

After Slovakia, our trip continue to Czech Republic. Great roads, with very often speed control system, with clearly road tags for every destiantion. Everything is just as should for camperism. Detailed information about campsite in Czech Republic at link

In every route to North or West, Germany camperism is must. Germany is queen of camperism. Just some of details about Germany campsites at link Germany is destination that has many possibilities for camping, while camperism as way of vacation is suported at every road step and part of the country. That is why Germany is devided in so called camp area, which one to another gives countless possibilites for nature enjoyment. Leave to yourself and those who you travell with just enaugh time to enjoy in camp hedonism that Germany offers.

From Germany, here we are in Scandivaia, Denmark, via feribot. Denmark, this time, would not be presented as land of camps, just to inform you that from Germany to Norway is recommendable to take feribot from Denmark. For your comforty, Etno Kamp provided a link where you can find all usefull information and details about feribot schedule English, luckily.

Then, Sweden and Norway, finaly. Norway campistes are at very high level of equipment. Link of Norway campsites Take your time, and enjoy…


Due comforty those who travel, we are free to calculate some cost, that are strictly aproximate if you decide to ralise this trip with camper vehicle. This trip give nonnumber possibilities, so preferences those who traveles are very diferent, so please, this listed calculation take only as aproximate. For 15 days, possibilities are countless, so we do not want to make limits… so please, take this list only indicative:

Num Name EUR Amount Remark
1. fuel Cca 350 EUR Camper vehiclesspendan average of12l diesel fuel per100km. This amountcovers the costof fuel for thereturn journey(thereversedirection). If you step from route, costs are increased
2. Tools Cca 200 EUR Tools amount are presented in amounts for Serbia and vinnete for Austria and Hungary. Etno Camp recommend to inform yourself about roads throughout Europe at official AMSS site
3. Food Cca 300 EUR Amount is presented quite informative, depends of the travellers preferences
4. Camps tax Cca 400 EUR Taxes depend of the quality of the camp, this amount is quite indicative
5. other Cca 300 EUR Amount is presented quite informative, depends of the travellers preferences
6. Cost for camper rent via Etno Camp for 10 days medium season 1800 EUR

high season

Etno Kamp pricelist
6. sum 3350 EUR

Here are some more links that covers camperism via Europe:

For all the details of everything you may need during this fantastic journey through time and regions, Etno Camp is at your disposal to make the journey more qualitative, more comfortable, and above all for remembering.

Hope you will enjoy and spread your imressions with Etno Camp.