This route is conceived to consolidate 7 days by motorhome travelling. We call it as Hedonisam route.

Start is from Belgrade, Serbia. We propose that first stop for relaxing, in two days period, be in one of the West Serbia camps, by your choice (Zlatibor, Užice, Mokra Gora, Mećavnik…). Camps and caravan resort at this Serbia region you can get to know at link your soul, mind and body and breath that one of the most beautiful airs at the most beautiful mountain at Serbia.


Travelling is continuing to sea so our route is on the sea side. Everybody who has just once gone by this route, can not to not remember Ibarska (almost) highway or by main highway. By Michelin, you can find a three ways / direction, but we sugest to conitinue forward via Ibarska haghway or throughout Bosnia.


Of course, to whome is better or optional and not have started from Belgrade, can take the route via Macedonia and Albania, which are some shorter, what can resulted some fuel sevings. But, our recommendation is to look carefully about actual date and information at official site of Automobile Assosiation and other regional institutional overviews about vehicle at SRB registration markes.

We are almost at Ada Island, so step directly at Ulcinj Kamp / Ada Island. More details about this camp you can find

Number Cost EUR amount Remark
1. Fuel Cca 200 EUR Campersspendan average of12l /100km. This amountcovers the costof fuel for thereturn journey(thereversedirection)
2. Toll Cca 50 EUR Ifyou choose toroute overthe Ibar highway, you do not have costof tolls
3. Food Cca 150 EUR Foodin the camps, as in Zlatibor, andon theAda Islandisforabsolut recommendation. Therefore,we recommend that youcarrya minimumof foodto preparein the RV, and the money allocated forthe enjoyment oflocal specialties
4. Camps tax Cca 150 EUR Taxes depend of the quality of the camp, this amount is quite indicative


5. Other costs Cca 250 EUR Amount of money for facultative tourist costs, depends of travalers preferences
6. Costs of renting a camper for 7 days 650 (low season) – 980 (top season) Etno Kamp pricelist
6. Total 1450 EUR – 1750 EUR