Adria Altea 472 PK


Light, bright and fun!

The Altea, a comfortable, practical caravan for a lighter, brighter and more fun experience. Contemporary interior with practical layouts, innovative features, improved lighting and storage, better comfort and more practicality.

Enjoy a light, bright and fun caravan experience.

Price: 16 667€
Price without VAT - SEASON 2022

We reserve the right to adjust the price in accordance with potential corrections by the manufacturer.

  • Nr. of berths:  6
  • Body length: 5319 / 6784 mm
  • Total width: 2296 mm
  • Total height: 2580 mm
  • Mass in runnig order: 1097 kg
  • Exclusive exterior design and graphics.
  • Double-glazed ‘flat’ design tinted windows.
  • GFK polyester body with embossed aluminium sidewalls.
  • Two-part door with window option.
  • Upgraded electrical equipment and control panel.
  • Upgraded loading capacities on family layouts.
  • AL-KO chassis.
  • Front gas bottle storage compartment.
  • Contemporary interior style with innovative lighting system.
  • Comfortable sleeping in a choice of bed formats.
  • Smart kitchen with optimized worktop, storage and appliances.
  • Ergo bathroom with storage and a foldaway sink.
  • Controllable lighting for different ambiance.
  • Smart storage solutions.
  • Modern textiles with softer more durable materials.
  • Loudspeakers, Bluetooth® amplifier & USB ports.
  • Truma heating.
  • Kid’s Pack on Family layouts.